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Monitor an employees mailbox

By acarigua ·
Hi all. We have been given the task of monitoring emails for a particular user by our GM due to internal reasons... We do not want that user to know we are doing this obviously. My administrator tells me that it cannot be done short of logging in as that user which is not an option as we dont have the password. We want to track past emails as well as current ones coming in. Is this possible and if so what do we have to do to either set it up or access it? We are running Exchange 2003 / Office 2003 with GFI Mail Essentials and Content Filtering so I would have thought we could have done it easily. My background is programming not admin therefore I am asking all you experts :)

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by rickrbyrne In reply to Monitor an employees mail ...

well to get all of his e-mail all you have to do is extract the users .pst file and open it up in outlook. And to get all of the current mail setup a forwarder to another e-mail account and anything that gets sent to his/her account will be sent to the forward address as well. You can do this throught exchange tasks in the Active directory.

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by acarigua In reply to

You are right but that doesnt bring up emails already sent etc.. Sorry but not what I was looking for.

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by jguasch In reply to Monitor an employees mail ...

A simpler way is, if all his email is in his inbox.. Loginto a machine with the service account for Exchange. Then open up outlook 2003, configure it to open the employee's email and wala, you got the inbox and everything in it open. You can do this for any employee's inbox with in your site.

But you might want to get HR into it also since it is violating privacy. In other words, get HR's approval.

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by acarigua In reply to

Thanks. Seemed to do the job with what we were looking for. In addition to this we have now turned on email tracking history which is probably what we should have done a while ago anyway. Thanks to all...

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by acarigua In reply to Monitor an employees mail ...

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