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    Monitor and alerting software


    by jhayesit ·

    hello i am looking for a monitor and alert tool \that can monitor the following,

    oracle database connectivity
    sql database connectivity
    low storage space

    does anybody currently use one that they can recommend me. the one i used is no longer being updated by the manufacturer so i need to get a new one.
    ps- it’s got to be reliable because this are production servers i monitor

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      Reply To: Monitor and alerting software

      by joseph moore ·

      In reply to Monitor and alerting software

      IPMonitor is what I use, from DeepMetrix.

      I monitor about 40 production servers with it, using various methods. It can chech HTTP and HTTPS connectivity. It can verify if Services are running, like MSSQLSERVER service. It can do a drive space check.

      There are custom alert, with varying levels of alerting. E-mail alerts; NET SEND popup alerts. Event Viewer logging alerts. It can trigger other programs when an alert is detected. It can restart services if they are detected to be off.

      It is a great, stable product. It has its own SMTP engine for the e-mail alerts. You can set up groups with different monitors in them, then set up different alert types and contacts per group, so you only alert the right people when alerts that they would care about occur.

      I’ve used it since 2000, and it is perfect. HTML interface, and light. I run it on a beefed-up Compaq workstation.

      hope this helps

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      Reply To: Monitor and alerting software

      by erikdr ·

      In reply to Monitor and alerting software

      Also check out the latest WhatsUp Gold from It offers incredible value for money, and (sometimes through some scripting) will allow for the whole list you specify as far as I’ve tested it.


      – The Netherlands

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        Reply To: Monitor and alerting software

        by jhayesit ·

        In reply to Reply To: Monitor and alerting software

        no whats up gold, even though how great and popular it is,it doesn’t monitor https sites for some reason, sounds ackward but thats what their support told me.

        thanks though.

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      Reply To: Monitor and alerting software

      by jorge.rivera ·

      In reply to Monitor and alerting software

      Well,, for checking protocls you can use Whats Up Gold, this give User Interface and Web, statistics, uptime,etc.
      But if you search obtain more info, you can use Site Scope, from freshwater software, addind counters, statistics, limits, etc.,,,and have user and web interface….

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