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monitor appears on standby, but computer is running

By kawasaki_ninja_ec22 ·
i need help, my computer is running but nothing appears on the monitor, it just appears to be on standby. I've replaced it with another graphcs card and aswell as RAM. im sure everything is properly connected on the motherboard. what do you think is wrong?

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It could be the monitor is faulty

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to monitor appears on standb ...

Once I wasted close to 3 hours looking for a fault in a Customers computer because my Monitor kept going black ands onto Standby. It was the monitor at fault but because it was mine and a Known Good one I didn't make the link till I have exhausted all possibilities with the computer.

Of course because that was the problem with the thing when it came in I thought that the shot Video Card that I had replaced wasn't the solution but it was.


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dont think so

by kawasaki_ninja_ec22 In reply to It could be the monitor i ...

Hi, thanx for replying, didn't think that'd happen.
The monitor is in good condition. i've tried my computer on another monitor already.
the keyboard lights turn on but only as a flash then they turn back off.

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OK so you have no display at all

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to dont think so

First thing is are you sure that the new Video Card is compatible with the M'Board?

Doesn't happen often on Intel Chip Set Boards but is a common occurrence on any of the others where fitting a Video Card with incompatible Chip Set stops the computer from booting. Very Common with NVidia Video cards but to some extend some ATI Cards. Though with the ATI Cards just changing the card to a Different Maker with the Same Chip Set will sometimes cure the problem. From past experience with NVidia you need to go to a different Chip Set Card but it been a long time since I've used NVidia Cards so that may have changed in the more recent past.

Do you hear any Beeps from the M'Board? If so post back with the Beep number and way that they accrue and your BIOS Makers Name.


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You say the monitor is good

by NickNielsen In reply to dont think so

Then you say you tried your computer on another monitor. Have you tried another computer on your monitor?

Your original post makes it sound like the monitor itself is bad.

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there are no beeps

by kawasaki_ninja_ec22 In reply to dont think so

my M/B is asus p5n-e and the graphics is gigabyte 8600gt 512mb. when i bought the parts from cemtrecom i asked them if the parts were compatibe and they said yes.

there were no beeps from it.

i've tried the monitor on another computer and it woks fine.

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Well as you have seen the difference between a Discussion and a Question

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to there are no beeps

You will also see the advantages of Asking a Question different people haunt that section of TR and you also get a E-Mail Notification every time that you get a response. The Q & A Data base is also searchable to find answers to your question as well.

But back to your immediate problem as you didn't mention here that this is a New Build I was expecting that it's a existing system that has been working previously but as you have stated elsewhere that it's a New Build there are several things to look at

The first is swap out the Power Supply with a Known Good one. Check all Electrical Connections and redo if necessary. If you still get no sound from the M'Board with the unit POSTing replace the M'Board.

When the unit POSTs you should get a Single Beep telling you that there are no issues and the unit is now ready to start loading whatever.

ASUS M'Boards have a CMOS Clear Jumper on them make sure that this is set to On generally the 1 2 Pins shorted together or the M'Board will not start running.

I always assemble the M'Board out of the case and test it there before placing it in a case. If you know that it works before starting you know where to start looking if it suddenly doesn't start.

The other thing to look out for is that the CPU a 775 Intel in this case is correctly inserted into the Socket. There are 2 Bars that stick out of the sides to locate the CPU there are two cutouts in the CPU to fit into these Bits of Plastic. I've seen 2 cases where Home Builders have fitted the CPU the wrong way and it isn't making contact with the contacts in the bottom of the socket. Both times that I've seen this the CPU was OK and didn't need replacing.


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by kawasaki_ninja_ec22 In reply to Well as you have seen the ...

ohh this is a discussion, lol

the cpu is correctly put in, i triple checked.

as for the psu ive replaced that for a 500w from the original 430 and that doesnt work either. as for the mother B, i havnt got a spare, the only one i have is an old dell one, which is a ddr1. should i try using the psu on this mother B? to see if its the psu?

doesnt a beep mean that theres something wrong with it?

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is ur M/b perfectly right

by vadivel.murughan In reply to there are no beeps

1.From all ur posts u have told that there is no beeps from mb.. ur vga cable proper else dont think any problem

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im not sure

by kawasaki_ninja_ec22 In reply to is ur M/b perfectly right

the thing is the mother board s brand new, and the cables are alright. i think i might have a faulty motherboard. i just want to make sure that thats the problem, because if that wasn't the problem, id have to pay $44. STUPID STORE, never buying stuff from there again.

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