Monitor Black Out

By gtg174q ·
When I start my Dell Inspiron 5100, the screen is fine for first 10 or so minutes and then turn black. I can see the stuff on the screens by shining torch or other light. Sometimes the screen comes back after like 20-30 minutes. There is more to this problem. I had blue screen with this laptop before I had this problem. I left my laptop with blue screen untouched for four months and when I booted from Windows XP CD, the blue screen got fixed, but this screen black out came up. I am not sure if my screen has died. Any idea what's wrong with my laptop? Any simple solutions?

Thanks for any help!

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It could either a Hardware Failure or a Software Issue

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Monitor Black Out

The fastest way to check this out is to stick a Live Linux into the Optical Drive and Boot into that OS. If it continues to work you have a bad Windows Install which needs attention and if it continues to go black the hardware is at fault.

The entire test could be performed in under 30 minutes so you know exactly what is required.

If you do not have a Live Linux you can download Knoppix STD from here which should be in every IT Pros Tool Kit


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by gtg174q In reply to It could either a Hardwar ...

I will download the linux live and will post how it goes. Thanks!

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Most likely hardware

by Hurell.Lyons In reply to Thanks

I've never seen software cause a screen to do what you claim yours is doing. Almost 99% of the time in situations such as what you described its the LCD. Esp if you can still see the screen....means the backlight went out (or in your case its on its way out).

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definately HW

by Ironspider In reply to Most likely hardware

It might be the fact that he's using a torch to light it, perhaps the inevitable fire he's started.

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Yes I also tend to agree with that statement unless an external Monitor was

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Most likely hardware

In use as they can be set to much higher resolutions and refresh rates than the NB's Monitor and I've seen this more than once.

While my first impressions would be that the Back Light is in the process of failing the description of what is happening here just doesn't sound quite right so I thought that a quick test of the hardware would be a better first step than just say replace the monitor.


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