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Monitor: change color, blinking, too old

By NamaSamaran ·
I have a 7-yr old 16-in monitor (KDS: Visual Sensation). It was fine until several days ago when it began to change color by itself (to pink) and started to blink or flick or blur.

I have changed the properties from 'true color' to '256 colors'. No solution.

Checked the cable connection, no loose cable (just rudementary check though, not sure if it's enough).


1. Is this sign of virus? If so, what is the most likely culprit? (Have scan the computer with Norton AV with latest LiveUpdate (4/26), no virus found)

2. Any hardware problem? Cable all the sudden broken? Video card? How do I check as a lay person?

3. Or it's just a sign of good old monitor. Nothing I can do beside shell in the money to buy a newer one?


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by Chris910 In reply to Monitor: change color, bl ...

This is a very common sign of a bad monitor. If you have a buddy at a tv repair shop who would do you a favor it is probably repairable. If you have to pay for it just spend the money on a new monitor.

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by jschein In reply to Monitor: change color, bl ...

If your video drivers are up to date, and the cable that plugs into the video card - ensure the pins are not bent and overlapping each other, then yes, this monitor has served it's years well.

A new monitor at any computer store with rebates - 17=19" - 100-150 USD. Not too bad of a cost for a 6 year old monitor.

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by NamaSamaran In reply to

Thanks for the answer, but help me a little bit more.

How do I find the video drivers? To microsoft site or the website of the monitor maker (if any)?

Second, the pins you mentioned are the pins et the end of the cable that connects to its female-part in the back of the CPU? To check them I do not have to open the CPU's case. Is that correct?


PS: I rate you 'unacceptable' because that was the only way I can post my comment. Is there any other way for a follow up question?

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by TheChas In reply to Monitor: change color, bl ...

Yes, rejecting an answer is an acceptable method to request further information from the peer who answered your question.

I agree that it is most likely a bad monitor.

The simplest way to check, is to plug the monitor into another PC.
Or, plug a different monitor into your PC.

17" flat face CRT monitors are selling for under $150 (US) at many dealers.

There are up to 4 different drivers required to get proper video performance:

The driver for the chip-set on the motherboard.
DirectX (from Microsoft)

The actual driver for the video card.

And, the driver for the monitor itself.

Oh, feel free to reject my answer if you get a response back from jschein


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by NamaSamaran In reply to

Sorry to reject your anwer as I have a follow up question. I know that it's acceptable, but I still feel bad.

Anyway, regarding the driver, if I go to the Windows Update website (using the pulldown menu from the IE) and follow the instruction there. And the result was 'There are no driver updates available at this time'.

Does it mean that I have all the drivers up-to-date? If not, how exactly I can find the up-to-date drivers. I search the internet and overwhelmed/confused by the result. I do not want to install driver if that makes it worse (say, blank monitor).

If I do have the updated drivers, then I will go to Best Buy tomorrow and see if they can quick check and do the steps you recommended in your 3rd paragraph above.

Thanks once again for all your responses.

If somebody else answer my last comment, does it mean I can not give points to you (TheChas) or jschein? Ideally I would like to give both of you points.

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by TheChas In reply to Monitor: change color, bl ...

First, you can award points to any peer who's answer you have not rated.

So to award points to both myself and jschein, we would both have to respond again.

Alternately, if you wish to close a question, yet award points to a peer who's answer you had previously rejected, just ask a new question.
Title the question "Points for "user name""
In the body, just let it be known what the points are for.

As to device drivers; Microsoft does a poor job keeping track of drivers for non-Microsoft hardware.
Since W98 is in the extended support phase, all you can expect from Windows Update is critical system patches.

A decent tool to identify your system hardware is Belarc Advisor.
Click on the Free Download link at www.belarc.com

Then, once you know what video card / processor you have, you can check with the manufacture for the latest driver.

A good source for links to nearly all manufactures web sites is www.driverguide.com
You need to register, but registration is free.

Or, once you know what hardware you have, post a question and have us find the driver files for you.

Make sure to read the installation notes or readme file for the driver.


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by NamaSamaran In reply to

Thanks a bunch.

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by NamaSamaran In reply to Monitor: change color, bl ...

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