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Monitor Clients' Mapped Drives?

By Merlintocs ·
I am looking for a tool which will tell me what network drives a client has mapped, either by script or manually, without actually going to the client PC. I can see my Windows 2000 clients' drives through Computer Management, but I have yet to finda way to get this information for my NT clients. I am running an NT network with about half 2000 clients and half NT. Any ideas?

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Monitor Clients' Mapped Drives?

by Joseph Moore In reply to Monitor Clients' Mapped D ...

Yes, if you run Logical Drives against a Win2K/XP machine, you can see all mapped drives. I have never tried it against a NT machine, so I take it by your post that it does not work.
The only other idea I have is PSINFO from (a free download from them). You can run PSINFO against a remote machine, and specify the -d switch to get the drive info.
When you do this, you get the local drive letter info AND the remote mapped drive info.
The problem is, the remote mapped drive info does not include the path to where the remote drive letter is mapped to!
For example, when I run it against a remote machine on my LAN, I get this:
Volume Type Format Size Free Free
A: Removable 0%
C: Fixed NTFS 18.6 GB 7.8 GB 42%
H: Remote NTFS 31.9 GB 1.7 GB 5%
L: Remote NTFS 76.3 GB 12.4 GB 16%

So yes, I get the 2 drive lettersthat this user has mapped, but not where the drive letters are mapped to!

So, I don't know if this helps you or not, but this is at least one way.

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Monitor Clients' Mapped Drives?

by Merlintocs In reply to Monitor Clients' Mapped D ...

Well, I downloaded PSINFO and gave it a try, and while it comes closer than anything I've found, it still doesn't give me the information I need. I appreciate the suggestion, and if you or anyone else has any further ideas, they will be greatly appreciated.

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