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    Monitor closes


    by macoyjr ·

    After I opened up my PC, the monitor closes. I’ve changed
    its setting to never but it doesn’t work.

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      Monitor closes

      by yelhsa3840 ·

      In reply to Monitor closes

      ok look the monitor closes? there is no setting to adjust it “closing” second of all be more specific, and never open the monitor even unplugged it holds enough power to kill you (up to 9,000 volts) what is it doing? and why did you open your systemyou sound like you have little experience so be careful

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      Monitor closes

      by tim.doyle ·

      In reply to Monitor closes

      Do you mean its going to sleep? As in you see stuff on the screen and then the green light on the monitor goes to a flashing amber and the picture goes black? Sounds like a bad power setting to me, could also be a loose monitor cable to the PC. Check all of the connections.

      I don’t think he meant opened in the literal sense. Probably a language barrier thing.

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      Monitor closes

      by clearsmashdrop ·

      In reply to Monitor closes

      I think he means the monitor turns off. In some languages ( like Chinese ) you say “close the light” , but this will obviously get a funny look from an English speaker if literally translated.

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