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Monitor display characteristics

By pmfturner ·
I have re-formatted my C Drive, and re-installed Windows 98, but have problems with the monitor displaying properly. I can only display 16 colours and 640x480 pixels on a 15? flat screen ! I believe that I have :-
1. the correct version of DirectX ? version 9.0b,
2. the correct video card driver i.e. vga.drv for a Standard PCI Graphics Adaptor, and
3. the correct monitor driver, i.e. 15RX-TA for my Mitac monitor.
I am not sure about the motherboard chip-set drivers, as I am not sure what I should have or where to find them ! The motherboard is an Intel x86 Family 6 Model 8 Stepping 3 Pentium III board. Can you help me with these chip-set drivers or let me know where else the problem may lie ?

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by TheChas In reply to Monitor display character ...

With a PIII system, I doubt that you have a "standard PCI graphics adapter"!

Yes, you likely need updated chip-set drivers.

Start at the system or motherboard manufactures web site.

Otherwise, you should be fine using the Intel INF utility.

Note: the linked driver may not function on Windows 98 first edition.

Without knowing your specific graphics adapter, I cannot verify that DirectX 9.0b is "best" for your system. For many older graphics cards, the driver for W98 does not support DirectX 9. If the driver does not support DirectX 9, both DirectX 9 and IE 6 can cause the system to lock up or have memory leaks.

If you have documentation for your system, it should identify the graphics card or graphics processor chip on your system.

If you don't have the documentation, you may need to open the case and determine what graphics card you have.

If the monitor cable connects directly to a plug-in card, that is your graphics card.
Look at the largest IC on the card.
Note the manufactures name and model information.

If the monitor cable plugs into your motherboard, identifying your graphics system gets a little tougher.
The graphics processor "should be" the large IC nearest the monitor connector.
Again, note the manufacture and model of the GPU.

If this is a name brand system, you should be able to download the latest drivers for both the motherboard and the graphics system from the manufactures web site.

Install the chip-set drivers first.
Then the graphics driver.


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by sgt_shultz In reply to Monitor display character ...

video driver is the problem. you do not have the correct one.
you can try the debug command at a dos prompt to examine memory to try to identify your video chipset (aka 'card')
(searching by your bios number may help you locate BIOS updates/chipset driver updates. watch boot screen carefully, first thing to report in is usually graphics adapter...)
Especially for Diamond cards using DEBUG.EXE supplied with DOS::

C>DEBUG -d C000:35
C000:0030 .......... /24/95.MD..
C000:0040 .......... .................
C000:0050 .......... Edge 3D 3000 Se
C000:0060 .......... ries Vers. 1.00
C000:0070 .......... (c) Diamond Mul
C000:0080 .......... timedia Systems,
C000:0090 .......... Inc. ..2MB VR
C000:00A0 .......... AM Installed.. 4
C000:00B0 .......... MB VRAM Installe
C000:00C0 .......... d

This can be read as:
Product name is Edge 3D 3000 by Diamond Multimedia.

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by cglrcng In reply to Monitor display character ...

Another way w/ case on for either onboard video or PCI or other add in slot type video card is to download the free for personal use Belarc Advisor from; Install the program and launch it (Icon will be a Yellow Arrow w/ a large Green "B"), it will inventory all hardware and software on the machine (very thorough in the inventory). then do a driver search for each hardware item.

If you have problems w/ that (finding the drivers), we can arrange for you to cut and paste & e-mail me a copy of the inventory and I can hunt them up for you along w/ the order to install them properly. I have gone as far as burning a custom CD w/ updated drivers for each machine I reformat, which helps w/ future reformats for sure...Though I rarely have any that come back later (for quite a while @ least), yet my customers say they are very happy. I just set them up to last and the utilities & AV used along w/ proper regular maint. set up cures itself and most user/operator errors.

I will tell you though, proper hardware driver setup is best accomplished using default drivers provided during the loading of windows afresh w/ only Mobo, Monitor, Vid card, Mouse and Keyboard, then loading the Mobo Drivers & then in your case the Intel Application Accelerator, then adding hardware and updated drivers 1 item @ a time, restarting and setting & testing until all hardware is installed or attached. Then loading applications as needed & wanted. Though I always step out and load a software firewall right after I install the mobo drivers and before a NIC or modem. I won't go out w/out protection in this 2 minute world.

Good Luck.

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by pmfturner In reply to Monitor display character ...

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