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Monitor doesn't display at startup help!

By wtgerbil ·

After a couple of computer crashes during the time I 'm using the computer, it finally came to the point that when I turn on the computer, no display is shown. I don't believe it's the monitor because it works on different computers. It cannot get to BIOS or anything for that matter. You can hear the HD and CD-ROM drives boot and stuff but the screen gets to nowhere and no loading takes place after 5 seconds. I would believe it is the RAM that is causing the problem. I have dual channel 512 Ram sticks. I also don't believe it would be my supporting video card since it also works on a different computer. I've tried letting the computer rest and even moving around the parts, yet nothing works. Please help! thanks in advance.

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by Oz_Media In reply to Monitor doesn't display a ...

Have you tried pulling your NIC card altogether?

Is it possible you've updated or had drivers changed on a PCI or AGP graphics card and the onboard chip was reactivated? If you have an onboard and aftermarket card, remove the aftermarket card and try booting while plugged into the onboard chipset.

That aside, remove EVERYTHING but the absolute basics, RAM, NIC< PCI cards etc. and see if you can at least boot into safe mode and start reinstalling cards until the cuplrit is found.

Perhaps ONE stick of RAM is faulty or even not seated right.

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by jonno112 In reply to Monitor doesn't display a ...

Are there any beeps at start up if so what is the pattern?

Have you tried the card in another pc (If you have another pc that is)

I don't know if the guy above mentioned it but take 1 stick of ram out and see what happens then change over and try the other.

Go to this website and download memtest this will test your ram from a bootable cd.

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this worked for me

by stantheman007 In reply to

i took out the ram as you said

and the first time it didn't work, and when i switched it with the other stick it worked, and now it says that i need a new onboard battery

so i think that was the problem

thanks a lot

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by dmead74 In reply to Monitor doesn't display a ...

If it's a Pentium and you get no beeps at all, you may have a dead CPU. Without a working (or correctly seated) CPU you won't get any BIOS response, which means no POST = no beeps. You might try the CPU in another machine as a first port of call.

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No BIOS Display

by eK85 In reply to Monitor doesn't display a ...

I have an IBM Netvista dektop. Recently added an extra 80GB HDD and added two 512MB DDR1 cards. System was working fine but eventually now doesnt boot. There is no display at all despite seemingly reading the drives. I have removed and resitted memory cards, have removed and resitted CMOS battery, have tried connecting PCI display card. . Have tried changing monitors, changing memory cards. But all to no avail. Same result = NO DISPLAY. Would appreciate any help please

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