Monitor dont turn on

By coko2moko ·
I replaced my mother board and my power supply and my graphics card and still the monitor wont turn on. The computer powers on and everything semes to be working but the monitor doesnt respond i tryed with 3 monitor and the same thing keeps happening.What could it be?
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Hardware Issue

by TheChas In reply to Monitor dont turn on

There are a number of potential problems that can cause no video.

First, check the setting of the clear CMOS jumper on the motherboard. Many ship with the jumper set to clear.

Next, make sure that your RAM is the correct type, and properly seated in the sockets.

Then, is your video card supported by the motherboard?

The next step is to pare down to a bare system and see if you get at least a BIOS POST video.

Disconnect all drive cables, and remove all plug-in cards.

Unplug all devices except the monitor.

If you do not get POST and BIOS video, then the first suspect is the CPU itself.

I would perform a CMOS reset and see if the BIOS was just detecting the CPU improperly.
I have seen systems fail to POST for both the CPU speed set too low and too high.

If you do get video with a bare system. Shut down and install / connect devices 1 at a time until you find the device that is causing the problem.


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