Monitor dont turn on

By coko2moko ·
I replaced my mother board and my power supply and my graphics card and still the monitor wont turn on. The computer powers on and everything semes to be working but the monitor doesnt respond i tryed with 3 monitor and the same thing keeps happening.What could it be?
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by mikeadams1137 In reply to Monitor dont turn on

Replaced your motherboard...power supply...and graphics card..okay.

First, check the light on the motherboard, if it is on, the mobo is receiving power, no need to replace PSU, you may even complicate things by doing this.

IS the graphics card AGP or PCI? Depending on which, go into CMOS, and be sure to check that your primary adapter on boot up is the same as the card you are using.

If you have truly tried with three monitors, then we can rule the monitor out most likely.

Try the CMOS thing...see how that works..if that doens't work...perhaps you bought a "bad" video card...rare but it happens?

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place the cable in the correct port

by homermtz62 In reply to Monitor dont turn on

I once installed a new video card for a friend of mine and had the same issue. the hard drive was running and the pc led was on. everything seemed fine except for a black screen to the monitor and the led on the monitor was amber???? so that gave me a hard time for a couple of minutes and then figured out that i had the monitor cable connected to the old monitor port. hehehe
hope this helps ( its the simplest things that can give us headaches )

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by wesley.chin In reply to Monitor dont turn on

What is the OS?

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