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monitor faint

extention of question asked on 12-10-03. monitor faint even when booting up. Flickers like it wants to come up card built on board.. should I replace motherboard or can I disable built on and buy new one...? Tried gamma no avail...stumped still???

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by valis In reply to monitor faint

plug a different monitor into the board. that way you can narrow down if it's the board, or the monitor. if it's the board, get a new board or video card, if it's the monitor, get a new monitor

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by SMITWELL In reply to monitor faint

have tried different monitor and the same thing happened is there a way to disable the built in video card so i can add a new one.????

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by Islander In reply to monitor faint

I would try a new videocard. Install your new one and plug your monitor to it. The PC will figure out that which on to use and you should be on your way.

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by TheChas In reply to monitor faint

Installing a different video card depends on the specific motherboard.

Some require jumpers to be set to disable the on-board video.

Some require BIOS setting changes.

Still others figure it out on their own.

Before you shut down to install the new card, first enter device manager and remove the old video system.
This will make it MUCH easier for Windows to install the new driver without any major problems.


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by csmith In reply to monitor faint

Almost all motherboards with onboard video use the BIOS to disable the Onboard Video.
Disable the onboard video in BIOS.
Turn off PC.
Put in a new video card.
(You may have to start with a PCI Video Card.)
(We keep several old ATI cards for just such a purpose.) (Some of the old S3 cards have conflicts.)
Make sure the seting is correct in the BIOS for the AGP card X , if you start with one.
Boot and load driver.
That should do it.
This repair works about 90% of the time.
As with all built in functions on the motherboard, sometimes they will not disable themselves, no matter what the settings.
Then, you really do have a problem.
Regards, Chris

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