Monitor goes blank & keyboard not responding

By panditsubhasis ·
I have a Intel core 2 duo pc.
DG41WV, (1+2) GB ram, No graphics card, no game installed. XP & 7 32bit dual booting. 500 GB hdd.
My monitor goes blank randomly. Power light blinking. Keyboard light goes still. No keyboard switch works. But my mobile (attached with data cable for network purpose) does not show that net connection is detached. I have to whitch off power supply. The problem happens while not surfing net or surfing net both the occasion. MoBo light remains on. CPU fan remains on.
1. I tried with using good quality UPS.
2. I tried with different rams.
3. decreasing system load.
4. Checking temperature with speccy software (35 - 40 degree)
5. Used various antivirus.
6. Installing XP only, Seven only, XP & 7 dual booting.
7. Changed monitor.
8. Updating MoBO drivers.

The problem occurs randomly. sometimes 7 or 8 hours continuously with no problem, sometimes within 2 / 1/ half hour problem arises. Sometimes at the time of booting problem arises.

Can anybody help me pl. I am totally fed up.

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Here you need to do some diagnostics

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Monitor goes blank & keyb ...

Start with something like the Ultimate Boot CD available for free download here

http://download.cnet .com/Ultimate-Boot-CD/3000-2130_4-51584.html

Remove the space from the above link and download the ISO. Then burn to a CD and place in the Optical Drive and boot off it.

This Disc has quite a few Diagnostics on it so do the basic things. Test the RAM, CPU and Video Display as this is a Live Disc the Windows OS isn't involved and there will not be any software issues cropping up.

The RAM and CPU Tests are open Ended so will run till either the system hangs or you stop it as you are experiencing the problem first hand you'll have a better idea how long to leave those tests running.

If the system falls over you need to look at what you where testing and work from there to solve whatever is happening.

However if it works perfectly you need to look at what you have done to the Windows Install as there is some sort of Software Conflict arising.


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