Monitor has gone bad.....

By richard7 ·
I have a gateway desktop that I bought new in 2006. IT came with a 19" LCD monitor that started shutting itself off a few weeks ago after about an hour of use. The intervals between turning itself off has now been reduced to one second. When I turn it on, the screen is lights up and then immediately fades away. The video card is integrated into the motherboard so a loose card was not the problem. I attached a different monitor to the computer and it's working just fine. That tells me that the problem is in the monitor itself. I took the monitor apart and blew air through every vent hole I could find. No difference. Any ideas or is time to purchase a new monitor..??

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Take it to...

by internetspider In reply to Monitor has gone bad.....

Take it to any electronic technician to
repair it if it cost you a lot. buy new one.

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Number of things

by TheChas In reply to Monitor has gone bad.....

Does the monitor actually turn off (Power LED goes off or changes color)?

Or, does the screen just go dark?

If the screen just goes dark, either the inverter that powers the back-light bulb has gone bad, or the bulb itself is bad.

If the power LED actually turns off, then you may have a power supply or circuit problem.

If it is the back-light, it may be worth repairing. If the power supply or circuitry, then the repair may run nearly as much as a new monitor.


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