monitor is blank when i turn on my laptop.

By ladyeds ·
please i need some help about my problems on my laptop.
im using dell laptop and when i turn on the computer the monitor is blank...
i don't know what is the problem...
i can't see anything on the monitor so i can't start it in a safe mode.
how im going to fix thix?
thank you so much in advance...

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Well for starters what if anything has been done to this NB?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to monitor is blank when i t ...

Also plug in an external Monitor and see if it works now.

If it does and there was nothing done to the NB you can start off with the superstition that the NB's Monitor has died and needs replacing/Repairing depending on what Model the NB actually is.

If the monitor has failed the most obvious things are the Lead between the M'Board and Monitor has broken from constantly opening & closing the NB. The Inverter has failed and needs replacing or the Back Light has failed and needs replacing.

Then the other things to look at are that the Control Board for the Monitor has failed and so on.

Also if the Video driver was removed or the default Display adapted was changed under the OS you'll need to tell us what has happened here what OS is in use and so on so that we can help you.


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details of my notebook

by ladyeds In reply to Well for starters what if ...

my friends told me about problem in motherboard also and other's told me about the video card.
my notebook is using windows vista.
if it's about the video card how im going to fix it?
thank you so much..

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by NexS In reply to details of my notebook

try what col said first. also, you might try pressing a function key to change the video output mode (dual monitor, external monitor, in-built screen, etc)

if everything is not working, check your warranty!

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Could not see ant thing on laptop

by salim In reply to try

Please try the following.
Connect working monitor to the laptop VGA port or DVI port.
Make sure External monitor is on.
Turn on the laptop , make sure laptop is running means making a noise(Means you should feel like computer hard drive is spinning.
Please press fn and F8 (crt/lcd)written key on the laptop, which switch display from laptop to monitor.
Wait after a minute , until it loads.
If you see desktop icon then LCD NEED to be changed. If you do not see icons then Motherboard is gone.

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i try already

by ladyeds In reply to Could not see ant thing o ...

hello salim..i tried what u said.connect the working monitor to laptop and press fn and f8 and what i saw is a rainbow color at vertical position flashing on the at the screen..i did'nt see any desktop icon there....
so is it mean i need to change the motherboard and bring it to a technician that can work on it?

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Here it depends on the Make & Model of the NB

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to details of my notebook

Some have separate Video Cards but with most the Video Card is part of the M'Board and if it has failed you need to replace the M'Board.

Till we know the Make & Model of the NB it's impossible to say what is inside it and how to go about repairing it.


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model of nb

by ladyeds In reply to Here it depends on the Ma ...'s the model DELL XPS M1210, WINDOWS VISTA.INTEL CENTRINO DUO.
i tried using external monitor and what happen is i can'nt see anything at external monitor also..
i will try now what salim@ said.....
thank you so much guys for your help...

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You can get a Service Manual for this Model Here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to model of nb

Though you should first check with Dell's Web Site and see if this is covered by any form of Warranty. It's possible that there may have been a recall for a faulty part that needs replacing. You'll need to check with Dell in your Country for this.

Also in the future use a Cool Pad like the one shown here

To prevent heat destroying internal components again. These Cool Pads will also stop dust and other junk being sucked into the unit and clogging the cooling passages in it.


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thanx...but it seems complicated..:)

by ladyeds In reply to You can get a Service Man ...

the manual seems coplicated and i don't have any experience yet on that..maybe i will just bring my notebook to some center..
the problem is im working here at korea and i do'nt find any dell center here.the problem is their language..maybe i will just ask my korean friends here to help me..
thank you so much guys..

about the cooling pad i'm using now cooling pad and the one you give seems not available here at korea but i will ask some if there's cooling pad like that here.

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Is it still blank

by jdclyde In reply to monitor is blank when i t ...

before you turn it on?

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