Monitor keeps going in to stand by.....

By scotty9902 ·
Right i know a fair bit about computers but im not Bill Gates so make the answers reasonably simple.

Right i have:
AMD Athlon 2800
512mb DDR ram

and this graphics card

ATI Radeon 128mb Xpress 200 series(with is on the motheroard i assume as i've looked inside and cant find anything.)

the problem im having is that my montior keep putting it self in stand by. i turn the monitor fully off then turn it back on it will work for 2-3 seconds but that is all.

i play World Of Warcraft and it only really happens when i Alt-Tab between programs when it is open or when the computer has been on for a long time and i open WOW.

my idea is that i maybe over heating. but im not to sure. any idea of how i can get round this or is a new graphics card on the cards?

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Which OS

by ComputerCookie In reply to Monitor keeps going in to ...

What OS and what are the power settings, also do you hace a hidden file called hiberfil.sys on the root directory?

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Have you tested the Monitor on a different computer?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Monitor keeps going in to ...

It is quite possible that the Monitor is faulty and needs repair or replacement. When Monitors go off this is the first thing to look for and will be the problem in 99% of the cases involved.

If that isn't the problem you need to provide more information as to OS etc before anyone can answer your question.


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by scotty9902 In reply to Have you tested the Monit ...

im running on windows XP SP2, i now know its the monitor as i have tryed on another computer cheers for the help

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