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    monitor keeps shutting off


    by sushiboi ·

    I have win xp pro, ti-4200 agp 8x 128mb graphix card, 1024 mb sdram on my comp. recently, i went to a lan party and when i came home, i started my comp up again and my monitor randomly just shuts off when i run too many processes. the computer doesnt freeze and everything is still going on but i just see a blank screen. sometimes, the screen comes back again but only in 4 bit resolution and a statement comes up that says “microsoft has been able to recover from a device failure”. i dont know whether this is because of my computer or because of my monitor. maybe i hit a speed bump on the way home or something that did something to my monitor or maybe theres not enough wattage provided by the power supply. i think its a problem with the monitor but i’m not sure. sometimes the monitor shuts off even when i dont do anything: sometimes when i restart it, it comes into windows and then the monitor shuts off again and other times i’m just chatting on AIM and the monitor screws up on me again. does anyone have a clue as to what kind of problem this is and how to solve it?

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      by timwalsh ·

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      Check your System log in Event Viewer to see what device failed.

      If you haven’t already, check to see if the graphics card is seated properly.

      If possible, plug the monitor in to a different computer.


      Plug a known working monitor into your computer.

      Does the problem follow the monitor or the computer?

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      Reply To: monitor keeps shutting off

      by jose_12650 ·

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      Try zeroing into the problem. Get a known good monitor and see if the problem with the replaced monitor is replicated in the new new monitor. If replicated, then the problem is with your system. If not, then you can conclude that your monitor is the problem. It is possible that your monitor has a defective off-on switch.

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