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monitor light remains on yellow

By jazz_sw15 ·
PC has been working fine but then recently will start up when switched on but no display on screen. Fans will start but no beeps and monitor light remains on yellow + no display. Changed monitor over but same problem. This would happen intermitantly at first but then more often. Then I could get it to work only when I reset the CMOS. Now it won't work at all. I have replaced the CMOS battery and disconnected all peripherals -H drives, floppy, keyboard, mouse.I also checked the seating of the video card, memory sticks and the processor and tried a different power cable from the PSU for the video card. All to no available. Using NF7-S mobo,Tagan 480 PSU, Corsair 1GB memory,Radeon Pro video card. I think it must be the CPU or video card butI haven't got an alternative video card or cpu of the same type to try. Tricky when you can't see the bios at all. Any ideas much appreciated.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to monitor light remains on ...

If the fans are running then the CPU should be OK I would be looking at the Video Card as the problem here.

Depending on the type of Video Card it might be worth your while picking up a cheap second hand one and test with that. If you have a PCI X Press then try a PCI Video Card and see if that works. As you've already made sure that the problem isn't in the monitor the Video Card is about all you have left.

Just a word here if the GPU on the Video Card has a Fan on it make sure that the fan is actually running these have a habit of seizing and allowing th GPU to overheat and burn out.

The jammed Fan also puts more of a drain on the PS as well and can cause the same problem by lowering the Voltage Rails enough to prevent the Video Card from working at all. If you can unplug the fan try it like that and see if it works. If it does you'll have to get a new Heat sink Fan Unit for the GPU on the Video Card.


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by JamesRL In reply to monitor light remains on ...

Does the MB have built in video?

It would be worth switching to the onboard video - look to see if there is a jumper to select between the video card slot and the on board video connector.

I would also take the video card out and if there is a fan or heat sink clear it of any dust. If there is a fan, see if it turns easily.

Hope that helps.


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by mjd420nova In reply to monitor light remains on ...

Do you know how to check the power supply with a meter?? Check those voltages first, if all seems well, then try the video card in another slot. If still blank display, the video card is at fault.

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by mjd420nova In reply to

Trouble shooting if quite difficult without any parts available. I call it OSMOSIS or the JESUS effect, often just requires the laying on of hands.

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by jazz_sw15 In reply to monitor light remains on ...

Thanks for your suggestions and advice.The video card is agp and there is only one slot for it on the mobo.I don't have a meter to check the voltage. Also I don't think the mobo (Abit NF7-S) has an onboard video connector. I bought a basic replacement video card and slotted it in. The result is the same - no screen showing on the monitor. On the original video card I had separate power supply points on the video card and for the video card fan. The fan on the original card would work. The new card is only powered through the mobo and the video card fan draws power through a connection on the video card itself. This fan also works so there is some power coming through the mobo to the video card. Any other suggestions to try would be great.

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by ozi Eagle In reply to monitor light remains on ...

Check this.
Open the case and check the electrolytic capacitors around the cpu. ANy that have bulging tops or have popped up or have gung around the base have expired, and you mobo is toast. They can be replaced, but needs expert insoldering with the correct tools. Even when replaced the mobo may have been inadvertantly damaged when the faulty caps were removed.

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does changing solve the problem?

by danpadayao In reply to

does defective capacitors around the cpu causes no display on monitor? does changing the capacitor solve your problem? i am asking cause i have the same problem as yours. My cpu does not have any display on monitor. i have a built in video adapter. can u help me solve my problem

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by OTL In reply to monitor light remains on ...

I have seen this happen with a bad controller on a disk drive. Trouble shooting is nothing more than removing them one at a time until the culprit is found. Hopefully it is not the HD.

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by yamutha1983 In reply to

Thank You Thank You Thank You,
I had this same thing happen out of the blue to both of my computers had me stumped for three weeks now, I unplugged all drives and VOILA! I have video again. Pure Genius Thanks Again

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by jazz_sw15 In reply to monitor light remains on ...

Thanks for your comments. I will check the capacitors and see how they look. Its not the HD as I have remove everything HD/floppy/optical drives/mouse/keyboard. I have replaced the video card which leaves the mobo,cpu or memory sticks. Trouble is this is my old rig with a socketA board, processor and agp card.If I am going to replace any more things it probably better to start again with a 939 board etc. Thanks again.

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