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Monitor Local Area Network Connections

By ialtaf ·
How can I monitor the connectivity of the Local Area Network Connection programatically in Visual Basic 6.0 without having to enumerate the connected resources every time I need to access the database on a particular server? What I want to prevent is a run-time error of one kind or another. So, i recon that whenever my application needs to access the database on the server i will first check a Local flag to see if 1) The LAN is Connected or not. 2) The particular server is on-line or not. Then only i'll proceed with the database access otherwise prompt the user that the network is unavailable or the server is not online. Also I wish to set/reset this Flag by monitoring a system event or some thing. Like when the network cable is unplugged the pop-up appears at the LAN icon in the systray that a network cable is unplugged. May be i can hook on to the network message in some way. Please advise. Thank you.
P.S.: The OS on all the PCs is WinXP SP2.

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