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Monitor malfunction

By cuace ·
My monitor alternates between on and off non-stop. This occurs when the computer is turned on and the monitor is activated (green LED on monitor). It also occurs when the computer is not powered on and the monitor's "on" button is pressed. I've tried turning off the monitors main "power" button, unplugging the monitor and also disconnecting the monitor from the computer. So basically it's happening when plugged in and the front panel "on" button is pressed. It will stop when the "on" button is pressed again and the LED turns orange.

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by Brian In reply to Monitor malfunction

Do you have the monitor power settings to off when you are away from the computer for more than 20 minutes.The setting is in control panel-display-screen saver-power options. I would also try updating the video driver and if you still have problems replace the monitor.

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by TheChas In reply to Monitor malfunction

Realistically, unless this is an expensive monitor (large or LCD) it is not worth repairing.

The problem is either in the power supply, or the control electronics.

The first problem will be getting a schematic.
The second will be getting replacement parts.
The 3rd is the HIGH voltage present inside the monitor case.

CAUTION: monitor repair requires detailed knowledge of electronics.
There is at least 25,000 VOLTS present on the CRT and the circuit board.

With new 17 inch flat front CRT monitors selling for under $130 (US), it just isn't worth the risks to attempt to repair the internal circuitry on a monitor.


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by docatomic In reply to Monitor malfunction

You could also check the setup menu, on the monitor itself, in addition to checking the Windows settings. Many monitors have their own built-in blanking functions, which may be enabled/disabled/set through the monitor's onscreen display menu.

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