Monitor not switchin on

By srivatsahg ·
Hello all

I am facing a strange problem wherein my CPU is not sending the display info to my monitor.

I initially thought my monitor was faulty but when tested with a different monitor the same problem spruced up.

Looks i have to recheck it with a new set of cables...

Can anyone help me what might be the problem (Os related or hardware related.. )goin on inside my PC....


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Monitor not switchin on

by Nimmo In reply to Monitor not switchin on

Sounds to me like your graphic's card is dead.

Are you using an onboard graphic adapter or is it a seperate card.

If its on board you can either get a new motherboard or buy a separate video card and use that (you will need to configure the BIOS setting so the PC knows not to use the onboard)

If you have a separate card then you'll need to get another.

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Thnx ..but

by srivatsahg In reply to Monitor not switchin on

I guess that might not be the problem ...
Because once in a blue moon my monitor starts up.... I can very well work with it but there no guarantee it'll again start up if i restart the PC

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Well if you can see it sometimes and not others

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Thnx ..but

That isn't a very good sign.

So if you have a Separate Video Card open the case pull it out and put it back in, just removing & reseating it may prove sufficient to do the required job if the Contacts have started to corrode.

Cleaning the contacts with an eraser is also a good idea but if that doesn't work or you have On Beard Video you'll need to buy a Video card that can be plugged into your M'Board and use that.


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monitor not switching on

by butch_firefox In reply to Monitor not switchin on

it might possible that your Video Card is the culprit.What r u using?built-in or added?if you don't have additional video card and you are connecting the monitor to a built-in, try installing an additional video card that suits to your existing PC.but. if u are using an additonal video card, try removing it and connect the monitor to the built-in.if it works, then , it might possible that your additional video card is the culprit.if you still wish to use an additonal video card, try procuring a new one..Additional info: If you have a built in video card, do not rely on it..try installing an additonal video card to speed-up and improve the output of your PC..hope it HELPS!

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