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    Monitor oes black & pc becomes unresponding


    by panditsubhasis ·

    I have a Intel core 2 duo pc. Mobo – DG41WV, (1+2) GB RAM, 500 Gb HDD.
    I have dual booting (XP + 7 32bit).
    XP works fine but in windows 7 a problem occurs randomly.
    My monitor goes blank, HDD, CPU, MOBO are running. Keyboard light becomes still. It does not respond. Power switch remain on. Then I need to power off it & then power on.
    This happens randomly. Sometimes 3-4 days does not occur.
    Sometimes it happens while booting.
    Sometimes it happens while working in 7.
    But in xp it never happend.
    I tried by removing ram.
    I tried with different monitor.
    I tried by installing windows 7 ultimate 32bit several times.
    I tried with kaspersky, avast, bitdefender, quick heal.
    But the remains same.
    I dont like to play games, so no games is installed in my pc.
    Can anybody help me please.

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      by panditsubhasis ·

      In reply to Monitor oes black & pc becomes unresponding


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      Sounds like a driver issue

      by oh smeg ·

      In reply to Monitor oes black & pc becomes unresponding

      Have you made sure that you have installed the Newest Windows 7 Video Drivers?

      While 7 picks a lot of Drivers by default on the install they are not necessary the best available and it’s a good idea to at the very least update the Video Driver for whatever you have as a Video Generator and ideally any Chip Set Driver that may be available for the M’Board.


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      Driver updates

      by oldbaritone ·

      In reply to Monitor oes black & pc becomes unresponding

      I agree with Col – first make sure that all of your drivers are up-to-date. And check all of them, not just the video driver. Chipset drivers and high-performance disk drivers sometimes have issues, which are corrected in updates.

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        Reponse To Answer

        by panditsubhasis ·

        In reply to Driver updates

        I am trying by downloading the video driver & audio driver which shows that update needed.
        Will inform u later.

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