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monitor- one horizontal line

By gtguy8 ·
i just recently got a ViewSonic P220F from
work.. it was working fine and then it crapped
out.. theres just one bright horizontal line
going across the middle of the screen.. just
curious as to if its easy to fix.. approximate
cost or should i just crap it

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by pierrejamme In reply to monitor- one horizontal l ...

Probably not worth fixing unless you know someone. Although it is a rather large crt it can be purchased for a little over $500.

There was probably a good reason why work let you have it to take home.
My two cents worth.

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by TheChas In reply to monitor- one horizontal l ...

There are several potential causes of the problem.

What has happened, is that you have lost the vertical deflection.

With the high voltages inside a monitor (25,000 volts or more!!) it is not a good idea to even open the case unless you are trained and experienced in monitor / TV repair.

It could be anything from a 50 cent transistor to a custom integrated circuit, or even the deflection yoke.

More and more monitors have NO serviceable parts inside them. Even at the manufactures service centers, all they can do, is swap assemblies.

Bottom line, it might be worth getting an estimate on the repair. But, don't be surprised if the repair cost is several hundred dollars.


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by Bebelos In reply to monitor- one horizontal l ...

I had the same problem and repaired it. The vertical deflection circuit in my monitor contained a timing capacitor which failed. It never really worked as well afterwards and I ended up scrapping it because the warranty had expired.
If you just bought the monitor new, this shouldn't have happened and you can get it replaced.
Note: Like all this tech stuff, cooling is a factor. Keep space around the monitor and never stack anything over the venting holes.

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