Monitor only working in VGA mode and clicking off/on constantly, locking up

By reg.smith ·

I've read of simlar problems on Tech Republic but what I've got seems a bit of a combination.

A couple of weeks ago the display (a 19" Mitsibushi Diamond Pro 920) started going pixellated with repeated short vertical lines across the display. This then got worse over time, and then the monitor started going into powersave mode.

I opened up the case and it looked like the fan on the graphics card (an NVIDA TI 4600) was rotating very slowly. I cleaned the fan and reseated it, then switched on again. It seemed to work again normally, but then after a few minutes the display became pixellated again and then the monitor went into powersave mode and couldn't be got out of it.

I then started it in VGA mode (F8 at boot) and tried uninstalling/re-installing the NIVIDA drivers, which allowed me to temporarily re-start at full resolution (864x1152). But after a few minutes it locked up again and the monitor went into powersave mode.

Thinking it might be a fried graphics card due to the fan I've replaced it with another one of the same type (good old ebay) and re-installed the driveers again but no joy. It seems to be getting worse, now even in VGA mode after a few minutes of being in VGA the monitor will start constantly cycling in and out of powersave with it clicking every couple of seconds.

I tried plugging my laptop in to the montor and it seemed to work fine so initially I didn't think it could be the monitor. Having replaced the graphics card I though it was unlikely to be that either.

Now I'm at a loss, the only thing I haven't tried yet is to try a totally different monitor and I don't have one at home (but why would a faulty monitor cause the PC to lock that possible?).

I've been running VNC on the PC and viewing it from my laptop as well and the display looks the same viewing it on VNC, so if it was pixellated on the main monitor it also appeared pixellated on the vnc viewer. Also if the monitor goes into powersave mode the vnc display stops responding.

I'm nearly at the stage of getting a new PC, this one is 5.5 years old but I'm going to give it one more go as it seems like it *ought* to be something relativly straightforward (famous last words?)

Any ideas appreciated

Reg Smith

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