Monitor... or something else?

By kal_lmn ·
I was recently having troubles with my PC booting, so I decided to upgrade. I got a brand new CPU, Video Card, and MotherBoard. I installed all of the new drivers, uninstalled old ones, and for the past 3 days, it has worked phenomenally well. There have been no issues until now. The problem is that my PC boots fine, but literally only several seconds after booting, before even logging in... ANYTHING that has to do with graphics or visuals completely shuts off my monitor. The screen turns black, and nothing is shown, seems like the whole computer just freezes. I THINK it is my monitor dying. I turn off, then on my monitor, then it continues booting where it left off, then several seconds later, it does it again. I can boot, log in, open internet, everything seems to work fine, but I have to KEEP turning off and on my monitor over and over again to continue with anything. THe monitor also makes a loud high pitch squeel every time I turn it off then on, which is why I am pretty sure it is dying. I just want professional input since it was very odd. Was working JUST fine, then BLAM, in the middle of a game, the screen just went black and is now having this issue. I just wanted to be sure its not drivers, or bios, or video card issues or anything. I don't have another monitor to try, so I'm a bit lost as what to do.

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It can happen that way

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Monitor... or something e ...

I remember a while ago I had a system in for repair that was shutting down the Video. I changed the Video Card ran it for a few minutes and then it shut down with a blank screen.

I spent several hours trying to find out what was wrong and then I thought to change my test monitor which had chosen that time to die. It obviously had a Heat issue as it would work for a few minutes then turn black. If you turned it off and then on it would display a picture for a few minutes and then turn off again. I wasted 3 hours trying to find fault with the computer when all of the time it was my monitor that was the problem.

So now after that lesson whenever a picture goes out I try another monitor before doing anything else.


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So Monitor it is then?

by kal_lmn In reply to Monitor... or something e ...

So the monitor is probably my problem? I'm pretty sure it is, due to the weird sound it makes and how the PC seems to boot fine, I just can't see anything and the display keeps fudging up. Like I said, I just wanted a professional opinion or at least a more educated opinion since I recently changed up a vast majority of the core components of the PC. I just wanted to make sure this issue isn't common after said type of PC modifying.

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Reponse To Answer

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to So Monitor it is then?

With CRT Monitors a High pitched Squeal is generally the Trippler on it's way out. These triple the Voltage or more up to the Operating Voltages of the Electron Guns in a Cathode Ray Tube and are something to avoid like the plague unless you know exactly what it is you are doing. They can Kill you without a second thought so you need to be very careful.

LCD Monitors are different but you have to careful watch voltages to the Back Light and the main display board. While not as lethal they will still do a lot of damage to a person if they touch the wrong thing.


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Reponse To Answer

by kal_lmn In reply to So Monitor it is then?

It is a 19" LCD energy star approved Acer monitor. So the high pitched squeal is fixable? I don't really know much about monitors, I have only build my computer tower from scratch, never monitors or individual parts.

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Yes it's fixable but I wouldn't advise it

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Monitor... or something e ...

Acer products are not the greatest and leave a lot to be desired in the way that they are assembled. It means that if you get it apart without breaking it you may very well find that it's a expensive repair but it's still worth while for the current problem but several weeks latter something else will fail and you'll find that you've wasted your money with the first repair.

Things like that are always better to replace the monitor as you have some sort of cover with a new one that you simply do not have with a repaired one. I had a LG Monitor repaired several years ago because it was "Special" and the area it was used in was designed for that specific monitor which would have required a rebuild of the desktop space to fit another one, so it was fixed for it's owner. It worked perfectly for about a month and then stopped again and this time it was a different problem that required fixing. The owner naturally enough wasn't overly happy as to him it did the same thing went black. The second repair was about as much as the first one about 2/3 of the cost of a new one so by the time he had it repaired a second time he was already behind as he had paid more than the cost of a new one.

It ran for another 2 months before it failed again this time it was the Display Matrix and I simply refused to do anything but supply a new monitor. It wasn't worth the effort. I spent several days trying to find a monitor that would fit into the available space and eventually came up with one slightly smaller in the outside dimensions which didn't require the desk to be torn to pieces and rebuilt.

Doing that initially would have saved him quite a bit of money.


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This isn't really an answer, but may help

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Monitor... or something e ...

My son has Win 7 Enterprise on his main system and he recently borrowed one of my monitors as it had a bigger screen than his and he needed it for a particular task. We went out shopping later that day and when we came back the monitor was dead black. He shut down and rebooted, the screen showed the start up process and then went black. I moved the monitor to another system and got the same results. Before we worked out what we think was happening, he killed another monitor in the same way.

Both of my monitors he killed are larger, but older than his 6 month old 19 inch wide-screen; one was an old 21 inch CRT, the other was an old 21 inch 4 x 3 flat screen of 4 years of age. His system was set to save power by turning the monitor off as part of the power saving. When I had him disable this capability and we attached the twin of the 21 inch CRT it developed no problems at all over the week it was left attached.

What we suspect is the monitor control setting sends a command to the monitor that somehow screws over it's controls and shuts down the display after the preset 'x' minutes no matter what's happening. Can't prove it as neither of us knows enough about the monitor or Windows 7 hardware to do so. All I can say is that I have some of the same model monitors of the same age on other systems running Zorin OS Linux, Ubuntu Linux, Win XP, and Win 7 with the power saving disabled and we have no problems with them. Nor do we have any problems with Win 7 with power saving enabled for any wide screen monitor that's less than a year old - he bought a couple of new ones. We have managed to kill another old CRT, a 17 inch 4 x 3 one, that worked on the system for six weeks without any troubles but got killed over night once he enabled the power saving, we did that just to test if we were right - and it was a monitor we were dumping anyway due to it's weight being to much of a hassle to move and no one wanted to take it away for their own use. We've not tested this on a wide-screen as the ones we have are all too new for us to risk trashing as part of a test.

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