Monitor Problem

By dmiles ·
System Configuration
Intel D875PBZ
3.4E CPU
2GB Memory
nVidia 6800GS
Samsung 19" LCD owned less than six months
My problem is after startup and system is running my screen will go blank for a second as though it was refreshing,this will happen two or three minutes apart,after that system will hang and go blank,the system is still on,but their is no video.
What could be causing this prolem
Thanks In Advance

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Start With

by TheChas In reply to Monitor Problem

Start with determining if this is a monitor or a system problem. Swap in a different monitor. If the problem persists, it must be with the system.

On the presumption that it is a system problem. Check your driver versions. Read the information files for the drivers carefully. With both Intel and nVidia, you don't always want the latest version driver. Also, I have had numerous problems with drivers for both as provided by Microsoft / Windows Update.

The next step can require some experimentation on your part. Enter BIOS setup, and methodically adjust the video related settings.
You did not state what interface your video card is.
In the case of a system that does have on-board video, you MUST disable the option to shadow the video BIOS when using a plug-in card.
For an AGP card, the AGP aperture must be at least as large as the amount of RAM on the video card. 2X up to 1/2 system RAM is better.

Don't neglect a good mal-ware scan and a registry cleaning.

You might even want to take a good manual look at the EMUN section of the registry for any leftovers or old hardware.


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Blank Out

by dmiles In reply to Start With

I have an AGP card in system,the problem began when I switched motherboards,I did not expierence this with the other board.I basically changed the board out to using the 875 with 3.4 extreme CPU as an upgrade.

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AGP Card Seating

by TheChas In reply to Blank Out

I have on more than one occasion had an AGP card where the bracket would not allow the card to fully seat in the AGP socket.

Since the AGP socket uses interleaved contact fingers, the card only needs to be a few 0.001" up in order to not function properly.

Check how the card is seated, then remove the bracket and see if it seats further into the AGP connector.

I also once had a motherboard with damaged pins in the AGP slot. The problem did not show up until the deep of winter when it got a bit colder in my basement.

Just ideas.


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Replace the video card

by mjd420nova In reply to Monitor Problem

The video card GPU is over heating and locking and hanging up. Try to get one with a bigger fan on the card itself.

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Video Card

by dmiles In reply to Replace the video card

The video card is practically new,and it was working before I installed it on the current board.So I am not quite sure what could have went wrong.
Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

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just had a FX5200 do this

by CG IT In reply to Video Card

and the GPU fan wasn't cooling it properly.
Would work ok when cool but as soon as it warmed up poof!

So as mjd420nova suggested, that might be what's happening.

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Can check on this..

by jamesmondtan In reply to Replace the video card

Is your new motherboard had an onboard vga? when you come to the screen when the monitor went black try plug the monitor cable to onboard vga. if this work, it means your bios is still setting the onboard vga.
Change the vga setting to agp. one more possibility is the driver for your current vga card was conflict with the onboard vga. set the display to onboard, use onbard vga to login to windows. go online check for driver update make sure there is no conflict. i got intel onboard vga, and nvidia agp vga, it conflict the same situation i saw. after settle the driver, everything fine. actually i still got one problem, i can use agp card, but there is "?" mark on my onboard vga.

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Monitor or AGP Slot

by dmiles In reply to Can check on this..

This particular board does not have on board video

I tried another card in the AGP slot and after being on for a while it showed the same symptons.

After trying some of the suggestions,I replaced the board with the old board and I am not having any symptons of the sort

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