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    Monitor Problems


    by geal ·

    Early October I took my 1.5-yr refurbished HP MX90 19-monitor to a “highly praised” monitor repair shop because the green light on/off switch kept coming on and going out immediately w/o any picture. The shop “replaced a defective part” and it worked for three days at home. I returned monitor to shop; I saw it bench tested fine and we changed the power cord; brought it home and it worked another three days and now it does the same thing even on my other computer and other electric outlets. HP executive office, et al. has no clue as to its problem/solution and no suggestion as to repair or discard! Has anyone had this problem, and how did you solve it???

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      by w2ktechman ·

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      Replace the monitor cable

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      by ddollinger ·

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      If it is the same problem that was exhibited prior to the repair and only worked for 3 days, I would certainly return it to the repair shop, no repair shops I have ever dealt with had a no warranty policy on repair work. It is possible that a bad part was put into the monitor or it was improperly installed. Also the monitor could be blowing the parts. If it is blowing the parts, there are other problems and it would be more economical to replace vs repair.

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