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monitor repair

By frey_christopher ·
Is there a way you can repair/replace the db-15 connector on a monitor, the pins on mine broke as is my wallet ?


Appreciate any help...

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by James Goerke In reply to monitor repair

You can get another one off a junk monitor and then splice the cables together, but I wouldnt recommend it. Other then that you might as well just get another monitor.


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by TheChas In reply to monitor repair

CAUTION: even if a monitor has been off for days there is still HIGH VOLTAGE present inside the cabinet on both the CRT and the circuit board itself.
A 20,000 Volt shock will not make for a good day!

If your monitor has a cable coming off of it, you can do as answer 1 states and swap cables with a dead monitor, or chop the end off of a monitor extension cable.
Make sure that you verify the actual pin-out of the new cable against your cable, as the color of the wires may not match.
(You can use an ohm-meter for this.)

You need to know how to solder and desolder electronic circuitry.
Do NOT use plumbing solder or flux, it WILL destroy the cable or circuit board.
You need a low wattage iron designed for electronics.

If your monitor has a connector for a cable, this is a much more difficult repair.
The connector is likely a right angle circuit board mount connector.
You need the tools and skills to desolder all 15 pins at once, and a source for a matching connector.

Although, you could solder the wires from a monitor cable to the solder pads for the connector.
You need to make sure that the exact same signal line is connected to the proper pad on the circuit board.
You will also need to secure the cable to the case such that there is no way for the cable to be pulled and stress the solder joints.

All in all, unless you have electronics soldering skills, and have worked around high voltage circuitry, this repair is at high risk.

I have seen used 15" monitors for under $35.


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by fred07 In reply to monitor repair

TheChas is right on and the voltage is 25,000
for one year.
Toss it and buy a used one or go to the local dump and find one.

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by tech_wiz03 In reply to monitor repair

if you wish to fix this monitor you do not need to open the case and expose yourself to the 2nd anode voltage. Cut the cable jacket only 1-2" back from connector remove the jacket all the way up to the connector and identify wires that go to each pin.

pick yourself up a new db-15 connector and shroud (choosing the pin style ones) these are easier to work with since they don't require soldering you crimp the pins individually onto each wire making sure not to have any stray loose strands

carefully insert the pins as per your drawing you made and they snap permanently into place.

the shroud will either need to be placed onto the cable first before doing this pin thing or after if it is type that folds around wires and connector.

I caution that cost is a little better but not by much db-15's run $6 to $12 and shrouds run another $8 where I am at.

regards Rick

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by richard_barsby In reply to monitor repair

Hi as monitors are cheap now 17" less than $50 2nd user it makes any repair hardly worth it but buying the connector and cutting off the old and replacing it is ok if you have good soldering skills and can find which cable goes where.

The comment about high voltage is rubbish as all monitors in the last 10 years have a blead resistor fitted in the eht transformer which leaks away the high voltage in under 1 minute, TV's are a different matter. The power supply main cap can hold a charge if a discharge cap is not fitted but part of the lov voltage directive states that these should have one fitted and that consideration for repair eng should be taken.

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