Monitor repair.

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Hi all,

I have an Acer G277HU 27'' with a broken screen and instead of throwing it, I saw a video online explaining how it is relatively simple to buy a new panel and swap them out. I started to disassemble it, and I have noticed that the control board seems to be attached to the screen directly, and not with some ribbon cables which I thought it would be. It looks like the ribbon cables are directly connected to the screen from the LCD control board. I doubt i'll get another control board with the new screen so is there any way of swapping this over? I can't even find any of the same control board online. Please find attached a link to the images of the panel so you can see what I mean!



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If it is glued on the panel it is part of the Panel.

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Monitor repair.

Though you will need to make sure that the Panel you buy is for the exact model as different Models of Monitor use different panels. They might look the same but are radicaly different when you open them up.

The worst thing you can attempt to do is prise off a glued on part/component as you will most likely crack the circuit board and break tracks.

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