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    monitor resolution


    by boreg30 ·

    using windows 98 os and a plug n play monitor can you force/command to a particular resolution (800×600). the video controller is integrated into the motherboard. the resolution is at 640×480 and I can not get it to change!!!!

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      by thechas ·

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      Sounds like you either need to update the video driver, or allocate more memory to the video card.

      Early on-board video systems used low end graphics chips and were often limited to 2 or 4 MB of video RAM.
      If you do not have at least 8MB of video RAM, your resolution and color depth will be limited.
      Check BIOS settings, and see how much RAM you can dedicate to the video.

      Then, verify the specific graphics processor, and download the latest driver from the chip manufacture.


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      by boreg30 ·

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