Monitor response issue

By awelsh2 ·
Ok, working on a friend's computer. His description to me: when booting up the computer, monitors would not respond, computer is definitely on, just no display. Switched to onboard video, it works. Updated his gtx260 drivers for next time he hopped on. Afterward, opened case, made sure gtx260 was seated properly and plugged in completely, all looks well as this points. Cables from card to dual monitor setup all ok. Now upon booting with monitors still plugged into onboard graphics, same issue. Powers off, switched cables to use gtx260, now it works. The next time he went to use the computer, the same exact issue happened again. The initial set up whether it be graphics via onboard or his gtx260 do not work. The graphics card seems to work fine with other monitors. Had him check his monitor config settings, all seems fine as well. At this moment I have him resetting his bios, just in case any weird hardware configs could have possible harmed anything in the past, just by removing the cmos battery for 15 minutes or so, then seating it back in properly to see if the same issue occurs upon boot.

Any one have this type of issue before? In my experience it's always boiled down to either a fried graphics card, damaged plugs or cables, damaged monitors, or a driver/configuration issue. But it's weird with the "now i work, now i don't" symptoms.

(Keep in mind, I am not physically in front of his computer or this would be a bit easier. I have worked on his set up less than a year ago and all worked fine)


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Well just the obvious

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Monitor response issue

When you have a working Plug in Video Card the On Board Video is killed.

So if the card is properly plugged in it should provide the Video but if it's not properly seated the On Board Video is working.

When you/r customer reseated the Video Card did they remove it and refit it or just push on it? I've seen a Back Bracket badly mounted on the card itself that was holding the card sightly out of the socket though it worked till the case was flexed which would move the card enough to pull it out of proper contact.

I've also seen a brand of case with a lot of flex in it which would be marginal if any plug in card would actually work if it was so much as touched, if it was moved you had to open the case re seat all of the plug in cards and then it would work again.

Just a long shot here but I would get the user to remove the Video Card and wipe the contacts with a Rubber/Eraser to clean the contacts and then refit the card. Make sure that the Bracket actually allows the Video Card to go all the way in and to this end I would loosen off the Nuts and after it's fitted tighten them again, there should be enough adjustment to allow the card to properly seat that way.

I've had a couple of instances where the case was so bad that I actually had to replace it to keep the thing working though it was a specific Brand & Model of case involved which I just had to replace as any movement caused the cards to pop partially out. It worked perfectly here but when the owner got it home/wherever there was no video and when returned I had to re seat the Video Card. At first they said that they where happy re seating the card but eventually it got too much for them and I replaced the case. Though I have to admit that by then the cases where a couple of years old and maybe the rivets had come a bit loose with all of the flexing that it did.


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Reponse To Answer

by awelsh2 In reply to Well just the obvious

Thanks for the response & suggestions! He called me up after following through with my instruction to do a physical reset of his bios and all is well now.

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