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By Doc Logic ·
Have a SMC network router on Comcast cable business IP gateway with a security camera DVR system connected. Am looking for a way to monitor access to the video feed through the router.

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you want to know who remotely comes in?

by CG IT In reply to Monitor router traffic

or video feed out of the system?

I would check with the DVR system and see if they have logs or a real time console session where you can see whos getting a feed. Shifting through mountains of connection data to find out where packets are going can be a daunting task.

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No DVR log

by Doc Logic In reply to you want to know who remo ...

DVR does not log, it only uses local IP to the router which then maps to port 85 of the wide area IP address of the router.

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Does the router keep logs?

by seanferd In reply to No DVR log

If it does, and keeps them in a usable form, sort out the entries involving the DVR IP. You may even be able to import these into Wireshark for easy analysis.

Or, run Wireshark on a machine that can capture the packets between the router and the internet. Set a filtering rule so you only capture packets relevant for a WAN connection to the DVR.

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or if the router supports syslogs

by CG IT In reply to Does the router keep logs ...

you can monitor in real time, inbound and outbound traffic via a particular ip and port.

I use syslog watcher.

note: the router has to support syslogs.

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