monitor screen changes

By Engerasia ·
Thank you!
It is intel pentium III, windows xp professional.
When i start it, the monitor displays a blue or white screen , then stops there until out of power. What might be the problem and how can i solve it?

Another problem is that it has a lot of virus and infected files, i want to format it? But i can't seem to find the option of booting from disc, on which site can i find its drivers.
Thank you once again!

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Request for Clarification

by cmiller5400 In reply to Clarifications

What type/make/model of computer? Laptop? Desktop? Tablet?
What type of monitor? CRT? LCD?

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By your description it sounds like you have a portable system

by Charles Bundy In reply to monitor screen changes

If the LCD was just white I would suspect GPU has failed. Blue or White may mean an additional subsystem is failing, probably due to thermal stress. (CPU+GPU most likely)

Check that fans are running. Hook up an external display to test GPU. Dismantle and reseat cooling subsystem and clean out dust bunnies. However be warned that this is not simple on a laptop and at this point may not even work if the chipset/MB is damaged.

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