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monitor shuts down

By warrenL ·
Have a KDS K700 crt monitor

Intermittent trouble. Monitor shuts off at times on startup or shutdown.This does not happen at other times

The green and amber lights go out, and i must push the power button twice to reset the power switch.

I think the switch is like some TV switches that have an overload feature that shuts off the power.

I also think a surge is happening on startup and shutdown that is causing the problem.

Are these switches available to be replaced?

I'd appreciate your ideas on this and your suggestions



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by mjd420nova In reply to monitor shuts down

The switch can be replaced, but the underlying
reason for it to pop has not been address. The
most common failure on CRT's is the high voltage
section, and in most cases will just pop and
stay dead. This failure (soon) could be caused
by a failing deflection transistor that over-
heats and causes the P/S to crowbar. If you
want to fix it, a can of freeze spray will
tell you which one and parts would be just
a couple bucks. If you have not the skills,
$hitcan it and but a nice new LCD display.

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by zlitocook In reply to monitor shuts down

Yes the switches can be replaced but the fly back transformer is probably the main problem. You can try to fix it your self but there is alot of voltage in there. 20,000 volts or more but it's not the voltage to worry about it's the amps :).
It could cost from $80.00 to $150.00 to fix. I would take the first answer and buy a new monitor and get a nice 17" or 19" flat screen for about the same price.

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SImilar problem but not the monitor

by diddydee65 In reply to

Hello- my monitor was tested w/another pc and no issues there. I turn on the hard drive and a few seconds letter it makes a clicking sound and the monitor and hard drive lights turn amber, the monitor never comes on. This happened after adding a new user - my 5 yr old and setting up the desktop with web images ('view desktop as webpage" when i logged him off it froze, i booted and it has never come back to life...virus from one of the images maybe?

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by cmiller5400 In reply to monitor shuts down

I'd get rid of it and get a nice LCD... As said before, it would cost up to $200 to repair and I personally would rather sink $200 plus another few bucks to get a better monitor.

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