Monitor Trouble

By dmiles ·
I have a Samsung 19" LCD,I am unable to get a clear sharp picture on the system using nVidia
6800 GS

Ican get video,yet I look at faces on screen I am not getting a clear sharp image,even using their software,any suggestions on how I can ge a better picture

Thanks in Advance

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You're as bad as me

by TheChas In reply to Monitor Trouble

You are getting to be as bad as I am. You don't need to ask many questions. But when you do, they are real stumpers.

A few basic questions:

What specific model Samsung monitor?

What resolution setting?

Is this your first LCD monitor?

Have you tried a different monitor?

I just got my first LCD monitor for home, and I am not as happy with the image clarity as I had expected to be. I think that part of the issue is that the pixels on a LCD monitor have sharper edges than those on a CRT monitor.

Another issue I have with the LCD I bought is that the back light is not as even as it should be. Set up a solid dark color on the screen and see if there are light and dark areas.

How clear do fine detailed lines look?
I'm thinking something like the old television test patterns. Or, some very small text.
Bring up the fine lines or text and adjust the focus (if this monitor has one) setting for optimum clarity.

Those are my top of the head ideas.


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Set a different resolution

by w2ktechman In reply to You're as bad as me

Your video card probably has a different 'optimum' resolution for clarity. At the same time your monitor has an 'optimum' resolution setting. If these do not match up well, you are going to have varying degrees of clarity.
In the future, before purchasing a monitor, compare the recommended resolution settings for your video card and the monitor. The newer video cards are cleaner at higher resolutions. To help offset the small text and icons, you can also increase the size of both

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Helpful Hints

by dmiles In reply to Set a different resolutio ...

I found out later after installation that graphics card is not compatible with the monitor software

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I am Bad and Ugly

by dmiles In reply to You're as bad as me

Model = 941 BW
First LCD monitor
No I don't have access to another LCD

I have seen sharper pictures on a Dell LCD monitor

My detail lines are clear the resolution is set at 1024 x 768

I have been totally disappointed with my lcd that I ahve considered switching back to my CRT

I can't get the calibration and software tools to help because they are not compatible with my Video Card
nVidia GeForce 6800 GS

Now this is the Ugly part my wife doesn't want the lcd

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take it back

by w2ktechman In reply to I am Bad and Ugly

or give it away. If you want a flat panel, go with a tft instead of lcd.

You must follow the wifes descision though, or prove that it is better in some way

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by dmiles In reply to take it back

Thanks for the feedback,I am going to check into your suggestion and return.

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Agree with w2ktechman

by TheChas In reply to I am Bad and Ugly

I have to agree with w2ktechman, if at all possible, return the LCD and get something else.

I have an Envision Professional Series 17" that I am not totally happy with. But, my main issue is uneven back light.

When I set up a 19" wide screen Acer for my daughter, I was blown away by how much better things looked on her system.

I'm starting to think that there is a variation in how different graphics cards work with different LCD displays.

I was also surprised by how little difference in energy cost there is between the 17" CRT I was running and the Envision LCD.


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by dmiles In reply to Agree with w2ktechman

Thanks for the feed back I am going to check and see if I can return it

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