Monitor turns off; computer continues to run

By mitchellslittle ·
I have Dell Latitude D620 with XP Professional, Core 2 Duo, 2G Ram. I have two docking stations - home and work. At home I use laptop screen - at work I have two Viewsonic VG2021s - when I use the docking stations the monitor will turn off after random periods of time and I can't get them back up without turning of computer and letting it reboot. It doesn't seem to turn off when idle, but when I am asking the computer to do something (open a window, open document, load new web sire adress). It seems to be Stable when I use the laptop out of either docking station. The display adapter/video card is an NVidia Quadra NVS 110M.

I have updated NVidia Driver - no effect. Two other recent changes they may be factors. First I stepped up (?) to Office 2007 which, aside from being a pig, I think may somehow be creating this issue. Second, about three weeks ago Dell installed a new mother board in my laptop (the old one had a loose screw short) and I'm wondering if this may be my problem.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

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Same problem

by camclark In reply to Monitor turns off; comput ...

I have the exact same issue with my Dell M2300 laptop. Try uninstalling Dell Quickset. This program seems to win over windows settings. Get rid of it and make sure that all windows power settings to "always on"

I also have the power settings on always on, but the thing still shuts down by it self after about 20 minutes of inactivity. I cant explain it.

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Are you sure you are not pressing the key combination...

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Monitor turns off; comput ...

... which turns off the external monitors? Usually on laptops, there is a function key plus another key (5?) which has two monitors on it. It's a toggle to turn on/off external monitors. If you're accidentally pressing that key combination, you're turning off the external monitors without realizing you're doing it.

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