Monitor? Video Card

By ditoz ·
OK .. My sons computer had some serious issues. wouldnt boot, kept turning on and off , blah blah.. So with a process of elimination I think it was a soft ware issue when a new dvd burner was installed. Anyways . I got a new hard drive ( he needed a bigger one anyway) and installed Win XP professional/./ all the while mind you the monitor was on allowing me to view the steps of the install.. OK so then i couldnt get the wireless modem to work, so i shut it down for about a week until i had more time to mess with it.. Well today i turned it on , the hard drive goes on, but the monitor stays at the yellow off lite.. I tried my monitor ( two weeks old and working on my puter) and still same thing.. Could it be that all of a sudden the video card just went.. Win xp was on the computer befor so i know its not the issue that maybe XP doesnt like the card.. Im at a loss, dont want to go out and spend the money on a vidio card if that is not the issue.. It has a permidia 2 vidio and no there is not an onboard one to use. nor another slot to switch this one too.. I just find it very very odd that it worked and now doesnt. HELP my son is having computer withdrawls. Grrrrrr teen agers LOL

thanks in advance

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Hardware problem.....

by Hanzo21 In reply to Monitor? Video Card


I think what you can do to isolate the problem, if you still have the old video card or if your computer has an on board video card you can try to use it first. Still no video on boot up, and the power light of the monitor is not green, then probably the memory (RAM) or your motherboard (system board) has a problem.

If XP doesn't like your video card you can still boot the computer and usually it will prompt a blue screen error (they call it Blue Screen Of Death)

I hope this helps....

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Give the details of PC

by shuja52 In reply to Monitor? Video Card

Give full details of your PC, old one? PIII or PIV, what configuration, if DVD was attached is is with HDD cable as Master and Slave, Check RAM etc

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Start simple

by mjd420nova In reply to Monitor? Video Card

Unplug everything but the video and memory. If still no boot, does the hard drive sound like it,s spinning? If the drive doesn't spin, the power supply is suspect. If the fans start to spin and stop, the 12. volts is being faulted or short protected. What about lights on the keyboard or front panel. Any flashes, steady lights. What about beeps? The video card could fault the power supply, so pull it and try to boot, watch and listen. Pull the memory and install individually to be sure one of them hasn't failed. With the video card you should get a whole lot of beeping, but that just indicates that the 5.0 volts is working. See what works. Got a cheap meter? Could tell a better story. Just process of elimination, Could even be the motherboard, but that's the worst. Try another video card of any flavor you know works and confirm the sysyem board failure. At this point you should have confirmed the complete mating of all the connectors, both motor drive and data cables, orientated properly. Short of making a house call to confirm the suspicious hardware, you're on your own from there.

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