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    Monitor visual disply problem……..


    by low_wh ·

    Dear all

    I’m curious about the monitor visual display.

    When a monitor has been used for a certain period, the visual display becomes purplish or dark blue.

    What does this mean and what is/are the contributable causes?

    Appreciate your kind reply and possible solution.

    Thank you very much.

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      Color change

      by mjd420nova ·

      In reply to Monitor visual disply problem……..

      Is this effect also accompanied by a loss of
      proper focus anywhere on the display??
      Usually an transistor that is part of the
      electron-gun for a particular color begins to
      fail and its capabilites are at first non-
      linear and color can be lost in some area
      of the display. That is if this is a
      Cathode Ray Tube. The final phase of
      failure is the loss of that color on the whole
      display. A can of freeze spray would locate
      the device and replacement would be a snap
      for a skilled technician. But far better to
      replace the whole unit.

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