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monitor won't show display on screen

By meridenscrafts ·
I Was installing a game. went to change the irqs,port,etc. I tried a new video card, doesn't work. I get 3 beeps. Tried 3 different cards. Made sure they are seeded. I even disconnected the Floppy drive. So video.

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by TheChas In reply to monitor won't show displa ...

First, you did connect the monitor?
And, the monitor is turned on?

3 beeps are typically video problems.
You get the same error for no video card and no monitor.

Second, you could have an IRQ conflict.
Try resetting the CMOS memory for the BIOS settings.
Typically, you set the clear CMOS jumper to clear and hit the power button.
Then, shut down the PC, and change the jumper back to normal.

Other options:
Try the video card in a different slot. (assuming the card is a PCI card)

Remove other plug-in cards.

Remove and re-install the RAM modules.

Try a different monitor.

If the motherboard has on-board video, make sure it is disabled.

Still no video, post a comment with FULL hardware details.


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Yes I did

by meridenscrafts In reply to

I even have a pic of this computer inside.
It has a video box inside which sits on top of or under the printer box hookup on back.
video and printer on the board.

It also has two slots. at the end of the board.
pci slots

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by TechieRob In reply to monitor won't show displa ...

3 beeps is typically video, problem lies in IRQ conflicts. Only sure fire way is to try what was suggested, as in resetting the BIOS settings. I would clear the bios by shorting the appropriate pins then restiing them to normal. That usually works :)

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by meridenscrafts In reply to monitor won't show displa ...

monitor works, video card was put in another computer it works, I reseeded the memory sticks they work, I took on stick out, it still 3 long beeps. I have tried other slots, it has 3 pci slots.

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Monitor works

by meridenscrafts In reply to

It was hooked up to another computer.

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