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Monitor won't "start"

By bob@ace ·
I have Futura 17" monitor about 2 years old operating on win98 platform with iWill VD133 motherboard, 384mb memory and Kaser sis305 video card. Recently the monitor displays "Check signal cable" upon startup of the computer. It wont even display the bios startup. If I shut computer off and right back on before fans etc. stop completely the monitor will begin working. This may take as many as a dozen restarts before it works. I have checked windows settings etc. bios settings and even tried another video card. Nothing fixes this problem. (I have yet to try another monitor on the machine, or try monitor on another machine)
Anybody have any ides?

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by DKlippert In reply to Monitor won't "start"

Check your cable.
Trying another monitor sounds like your next logical step.

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by purple713 In reply to Monitor won't "start"

Try another monitor. It sounds like your monitor is about to die. Try another one and see if you get the same problem.

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by Curacao_Dejavu In reply to Monitor won't "start"

we can exclude the os since you aren't seeing the bios status at start up.
so we are 90% sure that the cause is the monitor, when you try to use another videocard use another slot also (if the videocard is a pci based one).

so indeed try another monitor, and the same monitor on another pc.


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by shiny_topadm In reply to Monitor won't "start"

Hi, be very thorough in your examination of the video card to be certain that it is completely in the slot (agp or PCI as appropriate). I've seen some that the bracket doesn't allow the card to be completely in the slot, so the monitor doesn't seem to be connected. Of course, you've checked that the monitor cable is undamaged and is securely attached to the display adapter card... good luck,


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by carlos.nino In reply to Monitor won't "start"

Check the power cable. If your monitor is connected to the computer's power supply, that could be the cause (either the cable or the power supply's exit for the monitor).

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by csmith In reply to Monitor won't "start"

When this problem occurs on a new monitor, the problem is normally a crushed/bent pin in the monitor cable. (Male end, where it plugs into the video card)
Look for a pin bent or noticably shorter than the others.

On older monitors, it is the control circuit in the power management section going bad.
In this case, replace it, send it out for repair , or leave it on. (Last option is not really safe.)
Retgards, Chris

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by lalettan008 In reply to Monitor won't "start"

connect ur cable from hard disk correctly.
or check the power to ur hard disk is there.
if not make it correct
(fix it properly).(if no data is read from the disk monitor can go offf)

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by Lizzy In reply to Monitor won't "start"

You say that you have already tried another video cable. Perhaps you need to check that the video is in another slot on the MB and that the video card is seated securely. If the cable is not permanently attached to the monitor, try another one. If it is, try another montitor--this seems to be the most likely next step for you.

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by bob@ace In reply to Monitor won't "start"

Thanks to all who gave advise - the system finaly totaly broke down - turned out it was the processor that was the problem. It finaly reached the point where even if I got the monitor working I couldn't even get all the way through the bios boot, more or less into the bios settings. I removed the cpu and cleaned the pins, upon reinstalling it things started to work, but it would just hang on the windows welcome screen. After a few boots it no longer would boot in bios again. Plugged in a borrowed cpu and all was well again. Even my cd burner works again - I had long ago condemed it because system wouldn't boot with it installed.

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