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Monitor wont work

By whoyadaddy23y ·
A friend of mine gave me his PC to repair. The problem was it wouldnt start up or anything. I installed a new power supply, but that didnt work so i started working my way through all the parts. By the end of it all I had installed a new motherboard, Hard drive, DDR, Floppy, Processor, Graphics Card(second hand) and new ribbon cables.
On closer inspection of the removed parts I saw that most of them were burned out. Even though I have changed all the parts when I plug in the monitor so I can install the OS all I get is a blank screen. I can hear all the drives ad the power supply working but still nothing. Does anyone kow what I sould do next. I have tried several monitors. The second hand graphics card i used was out of oe of my old PC's so I knew it worked before this. Please help me I am about to throw this damn thing out.Cheers........

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by LMon In reply to Monitor wont work

One question does the motherboard have an integrated video card. If so try connecting a montitor to that serial instead of the graphic card one. If that works then try changing the default monitor under the advanced display settings if using XP

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by whoyadaddy23y In reply to Monitor wont work

I dont think the board has intergrated graphics. At leas there is no other slot that will acomodate the monitor conector.

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by whoyadaddy23y In reply to Monitor wont work

The motherboard is a Jetway. It says on the box that the chipset is VIA KT266A. If thats any help?

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by whoyadaddy23y In reply to Monitor wont work

I forgot to mention that the monitor i am using now has a screen that says no signal when i turn it on.

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by TheChas In reply to Monitor wont work

My guess is that your friend suffered a lightning strike through the phone line.

You can verify this by taking a close look at the modem card.

If so, the motherboard is likely damaged beyond reasonable repair.

So, time for a new motherboard.


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by HereInOz In reply to Monitor wont work

Looking at it simply - are you dead sure that the video card is properly seated in the motherboard. Some AGP cards need to be seated to within an inch of their life before they will work.

Second question: Did you replace everything at once?? I bet not. It is just possible that you have experienced a running fault where a faulty component will cause a new one to fail. That recently failed component causes a problem elsewhere, and so on. If the thing has had a lightning strike, there could be short circuits all over it and you are just progressively ruining components.

Sorry to be a potential prophet of doom. But make sure you check that Video card.


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by RCOM In reply to Monitor wont work

If the parts were burned out how in the world did it happen?

As Allen mentioned you may be chasing other problems. Say for instance you installed the new motherboard but the settings were not correct so it doesn't start up, its easy to associate this with the original problem when infact its a new one.

You've built a new system the only thing left is the case and ribbon cables?

I would start all over with his original hardware but build it on the bench outside of the case. I use a closed motherboard box, the crack of the lid works good so the add on cards have a slot to go in. Put a couple of screws in to hold it down.

Only install video and memory. Check to make sure there's no debris down inside the memory or AGP slots. Clean the contacts with a pencil eraser.

Reset the CMOS using the supplied jumper.

If not onboard hook up the case speaker so if there's beeps you'll be able to hear them.

Now fire the thing up. If its an ATX motherboard use a screwdriver tip to short the 2 pins that the power button would hook up to to start it.
If so add the next component.

If no power at all try a different power supply.
Still nothing probably blown board.

If it starts but doesn't post take out the memory and start it again if the motherboard is alive you should get should be 2 beeps or 2 beeps plus combination. No beeps, bad motherboard or CPU.

From this point until the motherboard fires up and posts there's no need to try different hardware.

If you change to another motherboard, CPU, ram and video on the bench and it still doesn't work there's something your missing.


Good luck.

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by service In reply to Monitor wont work

One small point as well, make certain you verify memory vs board compatibility and you video card compatibility.

The as mentioned a couple times before, start from scratch "again", going component at a time rebooting with each component.

Good Luck

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