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Monitoring Before a Hang.

By artanyis ·
Here's the deal, I have customer with a Windows 2003 SBS Sp2 that I have our monitoring software on, they have several computers but the are unmonitored, so I can not use them. The server freezes randomly, stopping out monitoring tool and even stopping perfmon. I have spent hours digging through the perfmon and poolmon logs leading up to the freezes, and although I identified one program leaking memory like a sieve, removing it helped but not by much.
I need a simple, preferibly free, program that will just watch the resources and email me when the processor or memory stay past a certain point for a certain amount of time. I haven't been able to find anything. Anybody got some ideas?

Also, before anyone brings it up, I have asked the customer to manually crash it with ctrl+scrlk+scrlk instead of just holding down the power button, but they are either not doing it or its not working because there is no new memdump. I'm inclined to believe that they are just too lazy to press three keys.

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