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By mlieberman ·
I'm relatively new to the IT world. I just started working at fairly small IT firm after working at a small company for 3 years where I was the only IT employee and was pretty much a jack of all IT trades.

They have me taking over their (outdated) documentation. They are pretty much giving me complete reign over how I want to redesign their documentation and I've begun to draft a plan to integrate their documentation with all their disparate monitoring systems.

I was thinking that the best idea would be to create a central database that regularly queries all of our monitoring systems, like spcieworks. I was thinking this would be easier than having to either constantly make reports in all the different monitoring systems and kinda try and make them all fit together or often having to input data manually into Excel spreadsheets. And then eventually implementing it by creating ODBC connections in our Excel spreadsheets and Visio documentation and maybe developing an ASP/JSP site as another way of accessing the information.

Now as far as implementing this I only have a broad idea and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions. I was thinking of making ODBC connections between the different databases for all of our monitoring programs and a central database that will query all the information in the monitoring systems at regular intervals.

Any suggestions on avenues to look at for designing and implementing this solution (What database servers, programming languages, apps that might help, etc.)? Is it a bad idea in the first place? This is the first time I've worked on anything this big.

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by LarryD4 In reply to Monitoring Database Sugge ...

As a cost advantage I have been doing similar things here and have been doing almost all of my work in MS-Access. MS-Access is on all PC's in the enterprise.

Best part is you can use Access as your test model and then if it works you can migrate it to SQL server.

Your thought process sounds good and a central database that goes out and queries the other reporting systems makes sense.

I do something similar with a Helpdesk Inventory app I wrote for our IT department. Its a one stop shop for IT and also HR that allows HR to update with new user info and then pushes out to IT as a ticket. It also allow it to instantly get current data about PC's. It also interacts with the enterprise mainframe database as well as out purchasing system.

You should start a Techrepublic project and keep us updated on how you do.

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by mlieberman In reply to Monitoring Database Sugge ...

Thanks for your suggestion. I was thinking about Access for a while, but I think we only have one license for it and this might actually end up getting pretty big and we already have licenses for SQL Server, so might as well use that I guess, and it'll be a good learning experience. I'll most definitely make a project on techrepublic.

Thanks again.

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