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    Monitoring Email


    by steveb ·

    I’m looking for a way to monitor an employee’s incoming and outgoing emails. I can set message forwarding so that a copy of an incoming email is sent to another mailbox, but how can I get a copy of the mail that is being sent by the employee? I’ve looked at software packages that include many features, including spam filtering as well as email monitoring; but I would like something that just copies inbound/outbound email off the Exchange 2000 server to another mailbox. Is there some type of setting/rules that can be done to an individual mailbox on the Exchange server to copy the messages?

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      Just as a sidebar to this – I would strongly suggest, if you haven’t done so already, that you issue a company I.S. or at least Email Usage Policy document stating that employee emails are subject to monitoring by the management, or whomever. Otherwise you could find yourself in Invasion of Privacy Lawsuit hell!!
      There are some good template IS Policy documents available here on TechRepublic, I used one for our company.

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