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Monitoring internet bandwidth usage per machine

By petrosky ·

I am wondering if anyone has any ideas for monitoring bandwidth from the internet to each machine. Basically we are a small company and would like to make sure that traffic is legitimate down to the office, IE. not someone streaming video/audio all day. If we can ascertain where it all goes we can take appropriate action.

Thanks for any help/ideas.


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by Black Panther In reply to Monitoring internet bandw ...

Probably lots on the market - but we use

Webspy ( does a lot more than just monitoring bandwith and produces reports )

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got Proxy?

by Roger99a In reply to Monitoring internet bandw ...

I have an MS Proxy 2.0 server that I run most clients through and run reports using a program called Proxy Log Analyzer (PLA) to measure bandwidth and get reports on which sites have been visited.

If you have an old copy of NT4 Backoffice you have the proxy, too. It runs on NT4 or 2000

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Traffic Max

by wmwphl In reply to got Proxy?

Maybe u can try Traffic max from I has a great monitoring tool & u can see more than the usual network monitoring tool does. I use this tool at the office by the way


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by msminoza In reply to Traffic Max

Use an MRTG, if all your PC's are attached to a manageable switch, then you can check its invididual port usage.

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Internet or Network Traffic and MRTG

by kingmans In reply to MRTG

If you monitor the switch ports with MRTG you can't differentiate between Internet traffic and traffic to the internal network, can you?

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If you are using Linux box as your gateway/proxy

by jopoy In reply to Monitoring internet bandw ...

There's a nifty software called bandwidthd. It will show you ip traffic of each PC that will pass through your server.

check it out at

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by rmdivina In reply to Monitoring internet bandw ...

If you're using cisco router, you can monitor traffic using the netflow feature included in the IOS.

This will allow you to monitor per-protocol.

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Thanks for the suggestions!

by petrosky In reply to Monitoring internet bandw ...

I will investigate the links posted and advise if I find an appropriate solution.
For the poster who advised the linux solution...I will check if there is a comparable bsd solution available.

Thanks again.


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