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Monitoring Multiple Subnets

By nowires4me ·
Has anyone found a good monitoring program that works across multiple subnets, and is accessible without creating huge security holes?
I need to monitor 5 IP devices on 10 different subnets and not sacifice security to do so.
Any Help/Ideas would be great.
e-mail me directly if you rather

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by Chris.. In reply to Monitoring Multiple Subne ...

That's a mighty vauge bit of information.

1.What are you trying to monitor.. Up/Down status or something you could get from a SNMP MIB?

2. Will a ping tool work?

3. Are you trying to log the monitoring results?

4. Are these devices servers by chance?

Let me know this stuff and I'll try to suggest something

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by Ironcrown In reply to Monitoring Multiple Subne ...

What aspects of the devices (and what kind of devices) do you want to monitor? Up/down, usage, errors, etc...

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