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Monitoring Network pigs.

By fernlyn ·
Looking after a lot of users on remote sites can be quite demanding ... So what is your favorite tool for real-time monitoring of bandwidth usage on a lot of PCs to see who the Network pigs are?
Windows server 2003/8 with XP desktops and the best things are free F:)

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Wireshark ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Monitoring Network pigs.
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by jck In reply to Wireshark ...

he/she doesn't have a switch that does port segmentation like we have.

Even using promiscuous mode, I only see traffic for myself. The network admin set it up so that we only get traffic routed to us that belongs to us.

Or that you can hook inline to your network before it hits your switch/router.

Promiscuous mode was so cool :)

PS- I wish I could get a consulting job monitoring networks for a client to find their bandwidth hogs :^0

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Solarwinds free "Standard Toolset" has great tools

by Forum Surfer In reply to Monitoring Network pigs.

It includes a real-time Bandwidth Gauge. But in order to accomplish what you want you need an understanding of the network structure, so coordinate with your network admin.

If you are using unmanaged network devices or plug and play network devices, you'll find that this is one of those occasions where a properly designed network would have solved this problem before it happened. Or at the very least you would be able to discover the problem very, very quickly. Can't tell you how many times i've inherited poor networks with no thought put into growth, expansion or even central management. Someone trying to save a buck or two here and there always ended up costing me the $$ saved twice over in man hours.

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good suggestions

by fernlyn In reply to Monitoring Network pigs.

I use both of these tools and quite few more.
One possible solution is put in a gateway PC with two nics and run wire shark on it and then look at the conversations on the capture. This is a bit labour intensive.
I am hoping to find something fast an simple that could show who is using the bandwidth on PCs with out having to manually set up smnp traps or similar on each one.

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