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By mark ·

I asked this at and got zero replies

We are developing an asp 2 application

Clients are very concerned as to how the application will perform on slow lines eg 56k dialup

is there any software that will definitely proove to client that the app will behave at slow speeds also is there any software that we can use to say to the client for eg "it's not our app that's hogging the bandwithd it's the 4 guys downloading movies"

pls help


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by NZ_Justice In reply to Monitoring software

You can use a BSD router to test packet flow across low bandwidth network.

Client <-> BSDRouter <-> asp2 application

there are many free low cost and high cost monitoring tools avalible.

Free ones.


low cost

med to hig cost
lan gard

Use these tool in conjunction with you BSD router set up and you should be able to get data back that shows your application is low bandwidth and can run good on slow connection.

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