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By jviso ·
My son spends hours sitting if front of his PC (My Space, Facebook and other things). I am looking for a software that lets me monitor what he is writing and reading in all of these web sites. I have seen a few on-line, but I am not sure which ones are really trustworthy and reliable. I would like to go into his Facebook page but I don't know his password... Could anyone help me out in recommending me a good comprehensive "computer monitoring software" so I can feel more relieve? I thank everyone who responds to me in advance for your help and time!

Thanks so much!


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My Opinion

by Kenone In reply to Monitoring Software Teena ...

This is not the way to go. You're beginning an arms race. Sit down with the kid. Ask him to give you a tour, ask him what his passwords are, ask him who he chats with, impart some wisdom, spend some time. Isn't he worth it?
Other folks here can give you tons of suggestions for "I don't trust you" software, I just don't think it's the way to go.

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I fully agree

by L-Mo In reply to My Opinion

If you don't trust the kid put the machine in a common space. While you may want the software for added peace of mind, the way to go is to develop a trusting relationship. You can always limit use too.

Computers are everywhere these days. Its much better to work with kid.

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I'm impressed

by NormH3 In reply to My Opinion

If this was my post, I would give you "two thumbs up".

I also agree with this line of thinking, and if it doesn't work, you can always hide the network cable to the PC.

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Try Sax2

by Andy In reply to Monitoring Software Teena ...

its real-time display and statistical traffic analysis of whole network,it can record all website visited, but can't record what he is writing.

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