monitoring the performance of a High-Availability cluster

By changedman ·
i need a step by step guide on the following:

1)how to set up a virtual High-Availability cluster on VMWare with Linux-based CentOS and openSUSE as operating systems using three nodes?

2)what do i use as criteria in measuring and monitoring the performance of a virtual High-Availability cluster?

3)what are Ganglia and Nagios exactly? and how do i use them in monitoring the performance of a virtual High-Availability cluster?

4)where can i specific information on virtual High-Availabilty cluster?

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Sorry if this seems rude...

by Brenton Keegan In reply to monitoring the performanc ...

but is this homework?

If so I think you should be doing it yourself instead of asking us to do it.

Start googling those terms and see what you come up with.

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thanks indeed

by changedman In reply to Sorry if this seems rude. ...

brenton thanks for your help.i've been doing that for a while now.i thought this forum was to help one another out.i'm still very new to this.thanks all the same.

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It seemed like

by Brenton Keegan In reply to thanks indeed

It seemed like the questions you asked were the direct questions from a homework assignment and often what happens is people post those questions and if someone answers all the original poster needs to do is copy and paste the answer and that's just not helpful to anyone.

So sorry If I seem rude, harsh and unhelpful but being able to read up on topics and gain information is a invaluable skill.

The information you are looking for isn't obscure so it shouldn't be too difficult to locate.

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some tips....

by ---TK--- In reply to monitoring the performanc ...

I have to agree with Brenton Keegan, although I will help you narrow your search.

1)install VMware on Linux CentOS
install OpenSUSE in VMware
OpenSUSE clustering
google each one, then put all the pieces together

2)Monitor performance of a Virtual Cluster.

3) google Ganglia
google Nagios
Define what eachone is then put the pieces together.

4) understand what it is here good article to get you started.

Just a tip, break the questions down one at a time, then put the pieces together...

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